Bad Reception

My name is Twee Vu and I am a goofball. *pausing for any other goofballs or AA meeting people saying hello back to their computer screens*

In fact, my friends have coined the phrase "to pull a twee" which means to create a small accident or mishap. So, of course, my first blog has to be about those tiny blunders also known as "pulling a twee".

First Story: The guests had arrived for a meeting with one of our senior managers, and his assistant said he was not in the office. I asked her politely to please call me back when she reaches him, because I needed to know what to communicate to the guests. I get a call back about a minute later, and she verifies that he is on the way. Now, this manager is Mr. Suave, Mr. Cool, Mr. Bond. We often refer to him as a movie star, since he is extremely charming and "on" at all times.
He greets his people, "How ya doing everyone?" Then, he pivots, opens the door for his guests, and then tilts his head backwards to ask me, "Twee, how you doing today?"  
An hour later, he drops them off. As soon as they got in the elevator, he gave me a funny look and said, "I forgot about that appointment."   To which I replied, "I could tell, but don't worry I kept it really cool down here..." Then, I gave him a matching smooth, confident, millionaire smile.
He looked at me for a moment and then left the room. I was thinking, "Yeah, I didn't miss a beat either, Mr. Cool."  I picked up my mirror to casually glance at the "proud of myself" smirk, and there was a fluffy piece of popcorn on my upper lip.
 (Later, my boyfriend will tell me not to worry, since he probably thought it was just a booger)

Second Story: My coworker was signing a birthday card and I asked her to whom it was addressed. She said it was for our friend Darla whom I adore! She and her husband chat me up while I'm waiting for the elevators practically every day, and they're just so cute. So, I wrote on her card, "I hope that Ted gets you diamonds and chocolates for your birthday! Have a fabulous one!!! - Twee". Then, I smugly close the card and read the front which has an old turtle golfing and some nonsense about getting old and feeling like an old fart. Wait, Darla's not THAT old...and I don't remember her liking golf. The card is kind of masculine... Then, I read the envelope that is inscribed to my coworker "Hector" NOT "Darla". Woops! I don't know what Hector would think if he read my birthday greeting...I am sure he's married to a woman whose name isn't "Ted".  Instant panic! How do I erase this mistake. So, I thanked the lord that the card was white as I pulled out the whiteout and blanked out everything that would incriminate Hector of having a gay lover named Ted, and kept the one phrase "Have a fabulous one!!!". A little flamboyant, but not nearly as bad. Crisis averted, mission accomplished. 

Anyway, what would your phrase-ism be?  "To pull a Rachel or To pull a Judy"...what would it entail?  You probably already know what your friends would say about you! There is even a secondary explanation of "pulling a Twee". It involves going home and changing your whole outfit during lunch.  If you ever did that, you pulled a me! How are YOU ridiculously unique? How can I "pull a you"? :)  Good times blogging...TTYL pals.

p.s. shout out to Rachel Bray and Darcy Wild for their bloggy inspiration and advice!