How-to Make Your Man Pay for Your Groceries

Here is a how-to list that is guaranteed to work *everytime              
*60% of the time and usually only once

How-To Make Your Man Pay for Groceries

Step 1: Ask your Man to go grocery shopping with you during busy store hours.

Step 2: Prep him on all the things that you NEED to buy.

Step 3: load up your cart with whatever you desire, but leave one of the NECESSARY items out. 
(for best results, try to complain about this item 2-3 weeks in advance and constantly)

*optional step* Encourage him to get whatever he wants on you! After all, he deserves it.

Step 4: Wait in a long line until the last minute.  At this point, he or you should/will exclaim, "oh no, we forgot this item!"

Step 5: Run like heck to obtain the item and then take your time trying to find it. The nasty stares from the people behind and from the cashier will coerce him to make a decision.

Step 6: Saunter back with item and he should look stupefied with his credit card out already swiped.

Step 7: Apologize for making him pay, but thank him and squeeze him on the tush.

Step 8: Enjoy your free groceries!

If this ever goes viral or I become famous (haha), I just want to say that this happened on accident and I did pay him back. But, who's to say that someone else couldn't really benefit from this step-by-step, easy way to get FREE groceries!  Good luck and Bon Appetit.